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Welcome to Alpha Electric, the best electrical contractor in the Lincoln ND area. Each electrician we’ve on our team is skilled and experienced. They’re capable of coping with even the most complicated tasks you may need done within your home or commercial business facilities. We always do everything possible to ensure that our clients get the highest quality service.

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As an electrical contractor, Alpha Electric in Lincoln ND, we can deal with every electrical issue – from simple receptor replacement to complete system design and installation. We can also help you with the installation or repair of any appliances and devices that run on electric power.

When you request our services, our specialists will carry out a no-obligation, free diagnostic inspection of your entire electric system. This will help our experts to identify the problems with your electric system. Then, our electricians will offer you different solutions which will be most suitable for your needs. We want our customers to be well-informed about the services and products we use to restore the normal functioning of your electric system in order for them to be able to make educated choices.

As and electrician service provider, Alpha Electric in Lincoln ND ensures that every electrician we’ve on our staff has the right certifications, licenses and bonding. We want our clients to rest assured that they’re served by technicians who take to heart the safety and that of their families. In addition, our electricians have been subjected to thorough security and background checks so that you don’t have to worry about whom you’re letting into your property.

Our prices are inexpensive and can suit even the tightest of budgets. Our speed of service is unsurpassed. While we work, we don’t disarrange your furniture or punch holes unnecessarily through your walls. If we’ve no choice, however, we guarantee that everything will be returned to its place after we’re done and there will be no sign of our activity there, except for a well-functioning electric system.

Electrical systems are not all identical. For this reason, there are a lot of different needs and demands associated with them, and the electrician service provided by Alpha Electric in Lincoln ND, covers them all. We’ve a large network of talented electricians who are equally skilled at the solutions of many types of electric problems.

Working with electric systems is not easy. It is also dangerous. Therefore, we don’t advise you to handle this task on your own. It involves working with live wires and bare cables that can ground you painfully and quickly. They can also start fire. You wouldn’t want your children or pets to be exposed to these dangers, would you? Leave the job of handling electricity problems to the professionals. We’ve the knowledge and skills to solve your problems successfully.

Our company strictly adheres to federal, state as well as local codes and regulations which concern the electric services industry, and which are intended to ensure the your safety and that of your property. Our electricians are equipped with the best tools and the rights plans to perform their duties fast, efficiently and hassle-free.

If you’ve electricity-related problems, call us today at (701) 400-8990 for more information and to arrange an appointment.